Uatu the Watcher
Full Name: Uatu
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #13 (April 1963)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: The Watchers' Homeworld
Citizenship: Watchers
Base: The Blue Area of the Moon
Affiliations: The Watchers
Ally of the Fantastic Four
Powers/Abilities: Telepathy
Illusion generation
Energy manipulation
Force field generation
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: White
Unique Features: None

"Being of an immortal race, I have ever pondered what, if anything, comes after the event mortals call ‘death.’ Today, I may well learn. Whatever transpires, I will remain true to my charge, and observe all that occurs. A fitting end, I think, for the being known as … The Watcher."
— Uatu the Watcher

Uatu (of Earth-616) also known as Uatu the Watcher is an alien being who watches over all of his universe, Earth-616.

His first appearance was in Fantastic Four (Volume 1) #13.

He resides on the blue area of the Moon.


Early life

Uatu is the son of Ikor, a watcher of Uatu's race as well. Billions of years ago, Uatu choose Earth's solar system as his place in the universe to watch, and has been watching ever since. As a watcher's job is only observe the universe and do nothing more, Uatu has grown so attached to Earth, he has disobeyed his watcher duties many times to save it.

First Contact

Uatu's first contact with a human being was Steven Rogers, or Captain America who got transported to Earth-311, creating the Marvel 1602 alternate reality, in which the Heroic Age started in the early 1600's. Uatu allowed this reality to exist in a pocket dimension. However, the version of Captain America getting sent back to Earth-311 threatened the fabric of the universe. Uatu then contacted Stephen Strange of Earth-616 to transport him to the correct timeline.

Meeting the Fantastic Four


Classic Uatu

In Fantastic Four #14, Uatu made his first appearance in Marvel Comics by meeting the Fantastic Four on the moon. After seeing them battle against the Red Ghost for a short while, he tells them of his purpose and has the Fantastic Four battle the Soviet Union's Red Ghost to see which nation is better. Uatu liked the Fantastic Four and allowed them to keep their memories of his existence.

He also become fond of them to the point where he would warn them of upcoming dangers he saw, such as the Molecule Man who gained matter-manipulation powers in a lab accident. After the Molecule Man's defeat, Uatu transported the villain to an other-dimensional world where time passed at a much faster rate and reinforced the self-imposed mental blocks which limited Molecule Man's ability to use his powers.

Helping against Galactus

When Galactus came to Earth to devour it to feet his cosmic hunger, Uatu argued with Galactus to spare Earth. Although he failed, he helped the Human Torch by teleporting him to Taa II to get the Ultimate Nullifer to give to Reed Richards to threaten to use against Galactus unless he left Earth alone, which he did, not before bounding the Silver Surfer to not leave Earth, as revenge.

Help from Spider-Man

Much later, Uatu was kidnapped by a space gambler named "A'Sai" via a weapon from one of Galactus' former ships. It was Uatu's technology vs. A'Sai's weapon however, when Spider-Man led Uatu's team to victory, Uatu destroyed A'Sai's weapon and transformed A'Sai into a casino playing card as punishment for kidnapping Uatu. Uatu also saved the life of Bette Chekhov, granddaughter of Anton, one of May Parker's former boarders.

Powers and abilities


  • Watcher

    Uatu, on the Blue Side of the Moon

    Uatu can read and or scan the mind of any living being.
  • Space Breath: Uatu can breath in space without any problems.
  • Invisibility: Uatu can render his body completely invisible to both anyone's eyes and minds.
  • Shape Shift: Uatu can shift his body into any form he chooses.
  • Energy Manipulation: Uatu can manipulate special energy in the "electromagnetic spectrum". It is unknown how strong this energy is.
  • Teleportation: Uatu can convert his entire body into energy and teleport at hyperspeeds across the universe.
  • Force Field Generation: Uatu can generate force fields around any person made of Cosmic Energy to contain something, or someone. These force fields can also prevent someone from using there powers.


  • Immortality: Uatu's race, Watchers are billions of years old and can live long for periods of time.

Strength level

  • Uatu can most likely life 50 tons, or even more. It is unknown if he can manipulate his strength level.


  • There appears to be no noticeable sex differences between male and female Watchers. However, Watchers still reproduce sexually, and rudimentary family relationships still provide care and training for their young.
  • The Dreaming Celestial scanned Uatu one time, and learned the Watcher has broken his pact of non-interference almost 400 times, almost choosing to inform the Fulcrum of this but later changing to understand humanity and Uatu's love for such lesser beings.


  • Uatu was there during the Avengers vs. X-Men event when he saw Hope Summers punch Cyclops to the moon which he stated was "impossible".
  • Uatu has no last name. It is unknown if any Watcher does.
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