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United We Stand
United We Stand
Universe: Earth-1610

Created by:

Sam Humphries
Brian Michael Bendis
Brian Wood
Billy Tan
David Marquez

Main Heroes:

Ultimates, X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., Mutant Resistance, Nick Fury, Invisible Woman

Main Villains:

Modi, HYDRA, Reverend William Stryker, Jr.; Nimrod Model Sentinels

United We Stand was a comic book crossover event published by Marvel Comics

Publication History

The event began in September, 2012 and ended in December, 2012.


The event continues directly after the events of the Divided We Fall event as President Captain America and the Ultimates struggle to restore the fractured Union in the onset of a second American Civil War while Kitty Pryde and her Mutant Resistance try to prevent the genocide of the Mutant race at the hands of the Sentinels.

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