First appearance: Amazing Fantasy (Volume 1) 15
Alternate name(s): None
Lead Designer(s): Peter Parker (Earth-616), Peter Parker (Earth-1610), Peter Parker (Earth-TRN123), Peter Parker (Earth-120703), Peter Parker (Earth-92131)

Additional Designer(s):

Ben Reilly (Earth-616), Curt Connors (Earth-TRN123), Otto Octavius (Earth-616), May Parker (Earth-982)

Current Owner(s):

Peter Parker (Earth-616), Miles Morales (Earth-1610), Peter Parker (Earth-12041), May Parker (Earth-982), Peter Parker (Earth-120703), Peter Parker (Earth-92131)

Previous Owner(s):

Peter Parker (Earth-616), Peter Parker (Earth-1610), Ben Reilly (Earth-616), Marc Spector (Earth-616), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616), Peter Parker (Earth-982)

Web-Shooters are Spider-Man's trademark gadget which he invented to web-swing and catch criminals.


After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker had decided that hero called Spider-Man would be nothing without webs and decided to use his genius to make his own device that would allow him to shoot web like a spider does, which he invented and uses to web swing, wrap up bad guys and attack any incoming bad guys.


Different versions of web-shooters have popped up in alternate realities, and have had different owners.

  • Ben Reilly: While he was both the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man, Ben Reilly had web-shooters similar to Peter's. However, he wore his web-shooters on the outside.
  • Mary Jane: Before the events of One More Day, Peter made bracelets for Mary Jane that doubled as web-shooters.
  • Otto Octavius: When Otto took over Peter Parker's body, he didn't change the web-shooters, but rather improved on the actual webbing.
  • Mayday Parker: Peter's daughter from an alternate reality also has web-shooters, wearing them on the outside, like Ben Reilly.
  • Miles Morales: Miles Morales has web-shooters that were given to him by the late Peter Parker's Aunt May.


  • Shooting Web: The main feature of any web-shooter, is to shoot web. This web can be used in many different ways, such as sticking people to walls, sticking people together, web-swinging and more.
  • Voice Command: In recent years, Peter has upgraded his web-shooters to act on voice command.
  • LED Light: To avoid getting low on web while in action, Peter has upgraded his web-shooters to flash red when they are low on webbing.


  • Early days, Peter showing his web-shooters
  • Peter's web-shooter and belt
  • Replacing a web-cartridge
  • The workings of a web-shooter
  • Peter Parker's (of Earth-1610) web-shooters
  • Mary Jane's web-shooters
  • Mary Jane, confident with her web-shooters
  • Stopping gun fire
  • The strength of Spider-Man's web
  • The many forms Spider-Man's web fluid can take
  • Peter's acid webbing cartridge
  • Peter showing his belt of many types of webbing
Web fluid was invented by Peter Parker and is meant to simulate a spider's web. 

The web is a pasty glue like substance shot from any web-shooter with high pressure and upon hitting air and with the help of the web-shooter, forms into a thin, tough and flexible adhesive. However, after an hour, the web dissolves into powder. The web-shooter also has spinneret holes that can be changed.

Peter Parker also made a utility belt, which is made out of brass and light leather. The web cartridge belt holds up to 30 cartridges at a time. The belt is used so that when Peter runs out of webbing within the web-shooter, he can grab more from his belt. In addition, the belt typically stores several spider-tracers and his spider-signal light on the buckle.

Any web-shooter also has a pressure button that requires a 65 pound pressure push to activate the shooting of any web. The button is also located high on the palm and needs a double-tap press to avoid any and all unwanted web firings. 

Web fluid has also been shown to be adhesive enough to stop bullets.

Special Webbing

  • Ice WebbingThis type of webbing was used to hold and combat the Human Torch. This type of webbing was abandoned when Peter found out he could do the same with regular webbing.
  • Acid Webbing:  Acid webbing was first created to combat Rhino in ASM #43. The webbing was brought back to combat Sandman by using hydrochloric acid to dissolve individual granules of his body. As seen in ASM #615, the acid web cartridges are colored green instead of the grey, to avoid confusion with Peter's regular web cartridges.
  • Magnetic Webbing: Peter has made magnetic webbing that is fused with magnetized particles that will interfere with any remote-control frequencies.
  • Flame Webbing: Created by Peter Parker to combat symbiotes. When the user fires it, the web-shooter(s) sends out a very combustive chemical solvent from the holes, that burst into fire once contact is made with the intended target.
  • Taser Webbing: Created by Peter Parker, the web creates a bio-electric current within the web. This webbing can be used to stun someone.
  • Impact Webbing: When Ben Riley took over the mantle as Spider-Man he created a formula that wrapped opponents on impact when shot but has the same tensile strength as normal web fluid. 


Alternate reality versions

Notable Realities

Comic Book Realities

  • In Earth-1610, Peter has made his own web-shooters. When Peter turned 16, Iron Man gave him new web-shooters.
    • Aunt May gave these web-shooters to Miles Morales, after Peter's death.
  • In Earth-982, Mayday Parker has her own web-shooters that she wears outside of her costume.


  • In Earth-120703, an alternate version of Peter Parker made his own web-shooters. Sometime later, he made smaller, all red web-shooters that had the same function of his old web-shooters.
  • In Earth-730911, an alternate version of Peter Parker made his own web-shooters.
  • In Earth-199999, an alternate version of Peter Parker made his own web-shooter using household items and later upgraded by Tony Stark.



  • When Sam Raimi was coming up with his version of Peter Parker for the 2002 Spider-Man film, he thought that Spider-Man inventing his own web-shooters would make him seem too smart and unrelatable, so he decided that his verison of Spider-Man would have organic webs that would sprout from his arms.

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