Wilson Fisk (Earth-1048) from Marvel's Spider-Man (video game) Promo 001
Wilson Fisk
Real name: Wilson Fisk
Other Aliases: Kingpin, Willie, Big Willie
Created by: Jon Paquette, Benjamin Arfmann, Kelsey Beachum, Christos Gage, Dan Slott
Voiced by: Travis Willingham
Number of Appearances: 2
First Appearance: Marvel's Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover
Appearance of Death: None
Universe: Earth-1048
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Relatives: Vanessa Fisk (wife)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Affiliations: Fisk Industries
Base of Operations: Formerly Fisk Tower, Manhattan, New York City, New York
Abilities: {{{abilities}}}
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 450 lbs (204 kg)
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: None

Wilson Fisk (of Earth-1048) also known as Kingpin is an alternate version of Wilson Fisk that appears in Marvel's Spider-Man.

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